Ione Valley Land, Air & Water Defense Alliance, LLC (LAWDA)
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We’re committed to our health, ranches, farms, homes and our way of life in the Ione Valley
John Moore worked tirelessly for this cause, organizing the referendum petition, gathering 2700 needed signatures by walking door to door. He loved the Ione Valley, home to about 30 ranches that surround the tiny town of Ione. Many of these ranches have been in the same family for decades, some for up to 100 years. Here, families like ours have raised Texas Longhorns, Hereford and Angus cattle and crops like alfalfa, wheat and melons. 

The Ione Valley is also a place where wild turkeys, ducks and deer are abundant; birdsong is sweet all day, bald and golden eagles fish Loch Lane Lake, and coyotes sing rich choruses to the moon and stars at night. The creeks are full of fish and rare frogs, and big cats still roam the hills, sending badgers and raccoons up into the safety of 200 year-old oaks. John loved the serenity and beauty of the land. For generations, the legacy of these families is the land, and the lifestyle. Above the valley, Newman Ridge protects the area – two miles long, 475 feet high, and half a mile across. 

The fight is costing tens of thousands of dollars. We needed excellent, experienced environmental legal counsel to fight the venture capitalists, and we got it. We have “stepped up” because so many in the County cannot, and we have decided it is our job to defend this little corner of America. We would like you to join us. 

Won’t you please send $100, $200 or more, or what you can, to save the Ione Valley, and our beautiful blue and green planet? Every penny you send will go towards paying the legal fees for our case. Please contribute securely by Credit Card or PayPal or send your check to: 

Ione Valley LAWDA, LLC
10300 Dutschke Road
Ione, CA 95640

Best Regards, 
The Ione Valley Land, Air & Water Defense Alliance, LLC (Ione Valley LAWDA) 


Tel: 209-274-9917 or
818 681-4182

Please donate to the Ione Valley Land, Air & Water Defense Alliance (Ione Valley LAWDA, LLC)

Your contribution will help with the legal funding to stop these projects.  

Please send checks to: 

Ione Valley LAWDA LLC
10300 Dutschke Road        or 
Ione, CA 95640   

Please donate in the memory of John Edward Moore
January 25, 1955 - August 15, 2019