Ione Valley Land, Air & Water Defense Alliance, LLC (LAWDA)
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We’re committed to our health, ranches, farms, homes and our way of life in the Ione Valley
Some Comments from the online Petition: 

The proposed quarry and asphalt plant are too close to occupied dwellings. I wouldn't want them in my back yard! I don't think you would want them in yours either. – Jackson, CA

I bought this property 11 years ago because it was safe, quiet, and beautiful. The thought of more mining, noise, traffic, and worse yet cancer causing pollutants in the air where I live is not why I moved to this beautiful country. I could have stayed in the city and gotten that. I oppose this project!! Ione, CA 

Selling off this environmentally important area of scenic beauty, allowing it to be destroyed for a dubious financial payback is false economy, and would have severe repercussions on local health and safety. – Portland Oregon

Ione has a rich community life that seems to be seldom considered when "projects" are slated to be located here. We already have a prison, a batch plant and more than one quarry. We need "projects" that will enhance and protect our environment - not put it in jeopardy. A "No" vote on this project is the only way to ensure that the residents of Ione continue to thrive. – Ione, CA

More from the online Petition

As caretakers of God's world it is our responsibility to conserve and/or develop the natural beauty that surrounds us every day but so often it's existence is taken for granted. What person not motivated by politics or money would want their children let alone themselves to breathe toxic, carcinogenic air, or be molested by the noise of blasting and trucks on a daily basis? What property owner would want their property value to depreciate or the nails vibrated from the firm hold they have in the 2 x 4's framing their home? The Department of Fish and Game says NO. The Department of Transportation says NO. The Office of Mining says NO. Although I'm not a resident of Amador County I frequent the area. So I say NO, NO, NO, NO. I say YES TO DEVELOPING A PEOPLE FRIENDLY CLEAN FOR US NOW AND IN THE FUTURE. Such attempts to destroy our world only makes me wonder who is being paid off to push this project that is so obviously NOT wanted by the people. – West Point, CA 

Ranches and Farmland are disappearing along with the grasslands. The environmental impact will be devastating and cannot be undone once these types of developments startup in rural areas. This project deserves a comprehensive EIR that considers all alternatives not a quick look. – Granada, CA

There is nothing about this project that justifiers the projected natural calamity it will generate. – Volcano, CA

I had given serious thought to investing in a Castle Oaks home as a possible retirement home, or as an investment rental. After reading about this project, I will not be putting my investment money at risk by buying property that may one day be subjected to the hazardous chemicals coming from an asphalt plant. Count me out. Won’t take the chance. – Saratoga, CA 

I'm right "next door" in Calaveras. I love the open space and beauty of these rural counties. We need to conserve and preserve habitats and not endanger the health of any species, including humans. NO Newman Ridge or Edwin Center North!! – San Andreas, CA

The promise of a few low paying jobs does not justify a new quarry and a polluting heavy industrial asphaltic plant that will impact the health and environment of Ione. Expand existing quarries instead. Don't give in to this developer and false promises. – Fiddletown, CA 

This is not good for people, the animals, the plants, the air, the trees or the families, all the ranchers in our valley and all the people in Ione and the people that work at the prison. The blasting noise and fumes will be bad for us and everyone. There are only a few jobs that will come with this. I have lived here for 40 years with my parents. I am handicapped. Please don't take our home and peace away. We love our ranch. – Ione, CA

We must not allow our special places to be destroyed by the greed for more and more besides the pollution they create. – Albany, Oregon

I've served under Colonel West, and he set goals and standards for me that have influenced my values and my life. I urge you to listen to this plea for the preservation of the environment. To ignore him is to ignore thousands upon thousands of other Californians who recognize the intrinsic value of the natural beauty of our state. Let us not despoil the land! – Los Angeles, CA

Strip mining is a destructive, unproductive slaughter of the environment, animals and people, who live there. It is irresponsible and despicable! STOP THIS HEINOUS PROJECT – Boise, ID

Stop robbing future generations of their birthright to know their natural world – Alameda, CA

You can't be serious. Hasn't man kind destroyed enough of what is left of natural and sometimes endangered flora and fauna? I see habitat and animal destruction, air pollution, water and soil contamination, not to mention the noise and the smell! Stop already!!! – Greenbay, WI

Amador County is a very beautiful place. I have spent a great deal of time there and I would hate to see it destroyed by strip mining. Please do not allow it. – Colorado Springs, CO

Permanent destruction of local natural areas for temporary gains of a few jobs is not worth any price. Particularly the toxic fumes emitted from the asphalt plant. The county will be in worse shape if this project goes through. Wine country tourists won't like being stuck behind gravel trucks, or hearing the noise produced from the quarry. Come on Amador! Leave something for the next generation, rather than raping the land! – Rocklin, CA

Board of Supervisors, when are you going to understand your county will make a lot more money from eco-tourism, and perpetually. Ecotourism, parks, bike paths, and the businesses that surround these community attributes stimulate local economies and it is steady perpetual business. You also end up with less air pollution and healthy citizens. This proposal is part of the old paradigm. Just say no. – Grass Valley, CA 

We must stop selling off our planet's health. – Montague, MA 

Please remember that our children will have to live in this country, too. They'll want to preserve this landscape and probably look back on us as wasteful if this plant is built, much as we do today with other environmental devastators. Knoxville, TN 

We are saying No to this! – Sophia, Bulgaria 

How would you like someone to put one of these quarries right by your home? You have to also answer to your children and your grandchildren. Our commitment needs to be to preserve, not destroy. You do not want to be a part of the destruction of this jewel in our state. You do not want to be responsible for your constituent’s illness and even death. Think about the future, not just right now. – Upland, CA

STOP degrading the environment in favor of GREED---Save the land !!! Respect the Planet !! – NY

I strongly oppose this proposal for health and quality of life reasons – Ione, CA

I would like to vote against Quarry. Not only is that land valuable for the environment/wildlife, it's invaluable/priceless to the people who have lived there. So, please consider the purpose of the land just the way it is. – Portland, TN

I say, make the venture capitalists transplant their families’ right next to their projected plants and see how eager they really are to build these things. – The Highlands, WA

News Flash! We have gathered more than 1200 online signatures as well. Our goal is 2000 signatures as we seek justice outside Amador County, so we need yours too! 

The online petition is here: click No on Newman Ridge to view. Some comments are further down this page, but now we need your signature and comments. It will take just a moment, but will help so much,  thank you! 

Virginia Silva, Ione cattle rancher tells us about her concerns and opposition to the projects. 

Jim Scully, retired peace officer and Ione farmer  talks about his opposition to the Newman Ridge Quarry and Edwin Center North Asphalt Plant.
Bill West, a citizen of Ione with a disability speaks his truth about the proposed Newman Ridge Quarry and Edwin Center North Asphalt Plant. Project. He talks specifically about how life would change for people in Ione, ranchers and farmers and the animals as well. 
Asphalt plant by day and night. The Edwin Center plant have stacks over 70 feet in height.